Manifesting Your Divine Soul Purpose

The new times that are arriving on the Earth will require a new kind of human being to navigate through the stormy waters of present-day challenges and to create new solutions based on the spiritual principles of harmony, balance, and respect for life. At this time on the Earth, many souls are awakening spiritually and coming to understand and experience their unique and divine spiritual origins more deeply.

Samantha Burgess
6 min readOct 21, 2022
Manifesting Your Divine Soul Purpose — Sam Burgess

When a soul, embodied in human form, begins to awaken and realise its inner connection with Spirit, a new path is forged within the body, mind, emotions, and consciousness. The awakening human being begins to experience a greater depth of communion with Spirit, and many new questions arise. One fundamental question the soul asks is, “why am I here?” and “for what purpose did Spirit create me?”

For some on the spiritual path, an inner understanding of divine soul purpose emerges relatively early in the spiritual journey, guiding and supporting them in the directions needed for optimal growth and the manifestation of their life’s work.

For others, knowledge of divine soul purpose eludes the human embodied self for quite a long time, necessitating a period of “walking in the desert” with little outward or inward support that can be perceived. This period of seeking is purposeful on the soul’s part but may cause deep suffering to the embodied human self that feels empty, meaningless, and worried that they may be going in the wrong direction.

The manifestation of your divine soul purpose is as unique and precious as you are. The best way to discover the guiding essence of your life’s purpose is to look within what desires, dreams, aspirations, hopes and longings you carry most closely in your heart.

Spirit created you carefully and uniquely for the sacred purpose you embody. Think of the beauty of a newborn baby, the precious nature of their tiny fingers and toes, and the sweet wisdom in their eyes. We can see the soul’s divine blueprint in the radiance of their simple and innocent being. Similarly, you are created uniquely for your spiritual purpose, with every finger, toe, and hair on your head known and accounted for by Spirit’s infinite wisdom and grace.

Small children naturally begin to embody their soul purpose, even at a very young age. They are attracted to certain people and situations and relate to their environment in their unique fashion. They may love animals or spend their time drawing and painting, or they will play with cars and trucks, heal the neighbourhood cats, or lead groups of children on the playground. They may enjoy singing and dancing, reading voraciously, or tinkering with their computer. If allowed to flourish and expand, all the natural tendencies within will lead a child to manifest their divine soul purpose.

And what of we adults, who may have grown up in less than optimal circumstances where our natural tendencies were not supported? Perhaps we have forgotten what we most loved to do as a child, or maybe even thinking about this brings up the pain we endured as children. How can we discover our divine soul purpose?

It may comfort you that you have not lost anything, even if you no longer feel in touch with your inner desires. The deep inner longing of your heart is never extinguished, even in the most difficult of circumstances. This is a quality of the soul that is eternal, that will lead you to manifest your soul’s purpose.

Suppose you are feeling uninspired and disconnected from your divine soul purpose. In that case, it is possible to reconnect by praying for this and creating a sacred intention to reconnect with your inner being.

The prayer and intention activate a path of healing that will lead you to what you desire. If you have been disconnected for a very long time, you may find yourself experiencing deep emotions of grief or pain as the re-connection to yourself is restored. If you can breathe and be with these emotions without repressing them but simply holding them in divine light, this will create healing and a freeing up of inner space.

Your divine soul’s purpose is discovered within your heart’s desire. What do you most deeply long for? If you could do anything in the world, what would that be? The path to manifesting your unique gifts in the world begins here and then expands outward as you start to take actions based on your heart’s calling. Your authentic life’s work is this, to listen, follow, share your gifts, and manifest all that you are in the world of physical form. For this reason, you came to the Earth at this time to share all that you are with all of life.

Using The Manifesting Mindset For Self Improvement

For years we have been exposed to self-help and motivational instruction that focuses heavily on the physical world. This has been highly effective for some, while this hasn’t always been the case for others. Why is that? I believe that success comes to those who have the manifesting mindset. What is the manifesting mindset? It’s simply thinking in a way that is in harmony with the universe.

I know that sounds spiritual, and it is. Some people seem to get everything they want and have abundant success mainly due to their Manifesting Mindset. If we subconsciously believe that, for example, Wealth is an achievable goal, then our mind will allow us to manifest that Wealth. However, if you have negative subconscious thoughts towards attaining Wealth, you will vibrate energy that will not attract Wealth. Have you or anyone you have known ever had a successful business, made a lot of money, and then lost it all or in part after a while? Or how about if you have had some business success or other personal achievements and caught yourself saying something like I’m so lucky, or I can’t believe I’m doing this and then had a turnaround in your luck or achievements? Those are examples of subconscious thoughts that sabotage your chances of maintaining your success.

Another example of the Manifesting Mindset at work is trying to solve problems. Manifesting Mindset techniques teach you how to solve problems in your sleep.

It isn’t a new concept that if you focus too much on a problem with your conscious mind, you will never find the best answer, but if you allow yourself to sleep on it, it will often come to you as an epiphany!

Then there’s daydreaming; how many great ideas have come to you when you relax your mind and allow your thoughts to wander around the universe, and suddenly you realise that you have just solved a problem that has been bugging you for years? Now that’s being in harmony with the universe!

Here’s one of my favourite thoughts: It’s about great inventions. Do people invent things or understand the powers of energy in the universe? Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but it was always POSSIBLE to have it even before Edison knew how to make one! After he made one, it soon became one of the most common items in the world! Now everyone uses the light bulb. Imagine trying to explain a light bulb and convince someone that it worked before Edison made one. The same is true with the Manifesting Mindset; we are only now beginning to understand and harness the energy that makes up our universe. While there is undoubtedly much more for us to learn, one thing is for sure, knowledge is power and understanding the Manifesting Mindset will allow you to achieve all that you truly deserve.


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