Sam is an intuitive healer and visionary who holds space for heart-centric souls to discover their strengths, find their true purpose and take bold steps towards living a life aligned with their core values.

Through a fusion of psychology, spirituality, Human Design and two decades of business experience, Sam has supported hundreds of people to find their purpose, live life with more flow and build businesses that thrive.

She is a sought-after thought leader for her holistic take on self-employment, and her work has been featured in numerous publications such as Psychologies Magazine, METRO, and The Telegraph and through television appearances on BBC and Channel 5 News.

Connect on Instagram or Tiktok (@samburgessuk) or read more about Sam and her coaching services here.

Sam lives by the coast in Hove, U.K, with her dog Monty and is writing her first non-fiction book.

Samantha Burgess

Samantha Burgess

☀︎ Spiritual, psychological & holistic coaching for millennials & xennials who want to build a purposeful life ☽